Miss Fuyo's profile

Miss Fuyo is engaged in varied activities, and the work that she produces as a result of her activities varies from calligraphy, to poetry, to painting, to photography, to clothing design, and to ceramic painting. To her, all of these activities come naturally just like breathing. Her work comes out one after another as if they are spun by her magic hands while she is talking to living creatures and feeling the breath of Nature. They are the very product of her innocent joy and wonder. Yet to me, there seems to be more than that.
Seeing the way she draws tiny petals one by one and the way she puts colors on top of each other carefully and elaborately, I cannot help but feel her strong will, a will to overcome everything that stands in her way. With a constant sharp focus on her grand purpose, she is always lighthearted and determined to accept whatever has come to her even if it suggests a rough and winding road to follow. She keeps moving on without letting things bother her heart.
Her words sounding like a prayer, she says, "A peaceful mind will give birth to a peaceful mind that is even greater, and only a calm mind can create a world of comfort." At the bottom of her heart, there lies a deep-rooted wish to create a peaceful world, from which all of her activities have been derived, and it is, no doubt, her powerful engine.

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